First reported offer by Morris

goes to 2018 OU DB commit Jaquayln Crawford of Rockdale, Texas.

Wow, that is moving fast! Hope he can shake some players out of trees.

So, before getting on board the Foundation plane to come to Fayetteville to meet with the team and have a press conference, he is recruiting a 4star Texas HS D-back for Arkansas. I think we hired the right coach! :smiley:

That sounds like he had a good relationship with the kid but couldn’t get to SMU. Maybe that relationship and the opportunity to play in SEC swings him.

It seems like Coach Morris has keep working throughout this process and is keeping recruiting as a priority. Impressive to see!
We may see a few Texas recruits pretty soon I’m hopeful
Working before he ever spoke to the team or had a news conference. I’d say he’s a working class coach.
It’s also impressive what coaches from high schools, college coaches and players have said about him!

I believe those high standards at SMU might have gotten in away of some kids, so he is going to come out swinging for the fences…