First rat bailing off the Rebnecks' sinking ship

Shea Patterson exploring a transfer.

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And for those thinking that Ole Piss didn’t receive enough sanctions, there ya go. The players can (and will) bail.

We need to go get Patterson.

Seriously, that was a slap on the wrist, the NCAA is a paper tiger. The sanctions were weak at best.

Sounds like he was out of there anyway.

He will have to sit a year, but he has not redshirted yet

Got to have a coach to do that. Doubt the Rebs would let him transfer to another SEC team.

Dudley, who’s gonna b the next coach? Take a wild guess.

Sanctions were a joke, UNC, them, Alburn with $cam… USCw must be saying wth

…or his backup who could start for us next season.

Do the sanctions not allow their players to transfer without penalty?

Yes they do. Patterson apparently is looking for someone with stability on the offense. Since we have no idea who will be calling our plays next August, that leaves us out.

Seniors only?

Anyone. What crippled USC after the Reggie Bush deal wasn’t the 30 lost scholarships; that hurt, but not as much as all the people who transferred out that they couldn’t replace because of those missing scholarships. At one point the Trojans only had 44 players on scholarship.

Didn’t they release the player who hired nutt’s lawyer. Will he have to sit out a year?