First preseason poll

Arkansas is ranked seventh in the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper poll. As you would expect, it has a heavy SEC presence near the top. The Razorbacks have 21 games scheduled against teams in the top 25.

A reminder that we use the coaches poll as our poll of record. That poll should be released in late January or early February. CBN typically beats the other polls by about a month due to its print publication date.

Hawgs will be facing strong competition again when you look at that poll. Just gotta get to Omaha some how.

I am really shocked they were ranked that high considering we basically have to replace 6 starters.
I think this team has potential but to know what these new guys are going to do I would think we were going to be ranked around 15 because of all the uncertainty of how they might do

They will have to prove it on the field, but on paper Arkansas has one of the best pitching staffs in the nation. That’s the reason for the high ranking.

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That is what I was referencing when the teams above us are in same league. If the pitching can get you to Omaha, then that pitching will be very valuable.

Yes There are a lot of guys I haven’t seen that are supposed to be really good.

Taking this Collegiate Baseball poll, our first three opponents in Arlington are #25 Texas, #15 TCU, and #12 Oklahoma State. (I was expecting Texas to be ranked higher, but it’s not like I follow them close enough to know.)

Texas lost a lot from last year’s team, pitching and position players.

I’m suprised LSwho is 1st…

I’m not surprised at all. I would have voted LSU first, too. That team has four legitimate All-Americans in Dylan Crews, Tommy White, Tre’ Morgan and Paul Skenes, and I thought its pitching was young with a lot of promise last year. Crews might be the first pick in the MLB Draft next summer and Skenes won’t be far behind.

LSU has to prove it on the field, but the potential is as good as any team in the country. The schedule is pretty favorable, too, with home series against Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi State.

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Guess my opinion is weighing on what they did last yr.

The preseason polls are all about potential. Ole Miss and Oklahoma played in the championship series last season and both are ranked in the 20s by this poll.

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Yeah I’m not surprised either Matt, they got most all of the top prospects in the transfer portal as well as five or six of the top 100 to come to campus. If this guy can coach at all which he has proven he can they’re going to be very hard to beat

Arkansas is fourth behind LSU, Tennessee and Stanford in the Perfect Game preseason poll.

That is amazing considering all the people we have lost… I keep hearing about our pitching having the chance to be as good as anybody’s in the country

My biggest concern about this team is defense especially on the left side of the infield where we don’t have a choice that is a good fielder from what I understand. That is the quickest way to lose a ball game. I think we can pitch well, hope we can hit well. Defense is a huge concern because we committed all kind of errors in the fall

There are good defenders on the left side. The question is how their bats fit into the lineup.

Cali bat maybe hard to keep out of the lineup from what I understand. Diggs and Jones don’t have the experience at third. That will be an interesting decision to see how it works out. I thought Coll would win the shortstop position and he still might but I was surprised he didn’t hit real well in the fall… what do you think about 3 Rd and shortstop??

I think both of those positions were probably left unsettled after the fall.

At shortstop, it looked to me Harold Coll and Hunter Grimes were the front runners.

I could see a number of things happening at third base.

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