First Practice

The first preseason team scrimmage will start Friday afternoon around 1:30. Another one is set for noon Saturday. As long as the weather is OK, the practices will be outdoors and open to the public.

Is there any updates on the injury’s to Vermillion and Ezell? Will they play in the scrimmage’s Friday and Saturday?

Unless something has happened that I don’t know about, both are fine.

Ezell had shoulder surgery several months ago and is able to throw the ball about 120 feet now. I think he’ll probably be able to play in the field by opening day, or shortly thereafter. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to play in the field during this weekend’s scrimmages, but he’s able to bat.

Vermillion wasn’t hurt, but was shut down in the fall because he had thrown so much in the spring and summer. I don’t know the pitching plans for this weekend. I’ll interview Van Horn on Thursday and can report back then.

Great news, thanks so much for the information.

In checking yesterday, my previous comments were correct. Vermillion and Ezell will be ready to play when the season begins.