First Play?

Is it too early for this? Nah. Too hot for anything else.

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RPO is a safe bet. For instance the bomb to Burks against Aggies was RPO. When the nickel went with the motion and the safety took a step up, it was not going to be a run. KJ will make that move wrong.

Most people think a bomb is a call. Not too often. It’s a RPO read.

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Hogs have a great season and Briles is offered a P5 HC position and takes it…
next OC from within or Sam goes elsewhere?

I would assume that depends on who applies. But Dowell did turn down Kentucky. Why? I can only guess. But I would think most would guess he thinks there is potential for more than being a tight end coach here. I said potential because I don’t know. I do think Sam likes Dowell a lot.

I like Dowell alot and would like to see him get the opportunity when Briles leaves…would he stick with the RPO style or go with the pro style?

I think the head coach likes RPO. You do what the head coach says.


As one option on that I would like to see Sategna streaking down the sideline. That would serve notice that the Razorbacks will be truly multi-dimensional this year. It’s something Jordan had potential for but never quite fulfilled.

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Are you thinking about Jordan Jones?

Indeed. Thanks for the reminder.

I was thinking about that myself, be a good way to welcome the young man to hog Nation

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