First Ole Miss recruit bails after Freeze resignation

One rat off the sinking ship… Three-star DB from Houston area.

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I wonder what the Duke of Earle thinks about this?

I’ve made a point of paying less attention to recruiting over the past few months, so I’m lost here. Who is the Duke of Earle & what’s the OM-Freeze connection?

I believe he’s talking about Gerry Bohanon of Earle, who has Ole Miss in his top 5. Recently, it has been believed that he is headed to Baylor.

QB from earl tx, Bohannon.

They have 10 commits now - 9 3-stars and OL Blaine Scott, a four-star.

Ark not Texas

Are we going back after blain Scott?

I assume they will kick the tires

He was recruited by the O-Line coach who is now the interim Head Coach. That in itself might give OM an edge to keep him. But, if I were a top recruit (and he is the only 4-star), I’d be looking hard at my options. I don’t know who else was in serious running for him when he committed. The only thing I could find on-line is that Duke was up there too.

I wonder how Yancy will report this? “He was a Freeze guy, the new coach didn’t want him…” or something like that.

Yancy can kiss my …

Ur right, my fault.