First offer draws tears for South Carolina lineman

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Sam got them Momma’s wrapped around his finger :slightly_smiling_face:. He ain’t stupid :joy:

I think that is CSP’s motto. Win mom (parents) over. The rest is history.


When I was done reading this article all I kept thinking was, how in the world will we not land this stud! Pitt Boss is an AMAZING man and recruiter!!!

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Trying to confirm with Eli if this is his top three. I assume it is.

For the non-twitter folks it’s Arkansas, Ariz. State and Ga.

Really like Arkansas’ chances of landing him.

He said it’s not a top three. He pinned it so I assumed. That’s why I asked him.

Either way, Arkansas is in great shape.

GA being closer to home.
But he had the Hogs pinned on top. JS

Hey Richard, Great recruiting news the last few days, but have a question.

What’s the scoop on Tyas Martin, some sites rate him as the # 1 recruit in the state of Arkansas, but I seeing no offer no no interest?

Arkansas obviously doesn’t see him as an offer prospect just yet. Could always change.

Eli arrived in Fayetteville very early this morning. Will check out the area and campus before leaving Saturday.