First look at Arkansas' new white jerseys


Thank you to anyone who had a hand in dumping those old tusk jerseys and pants. We have some attractive uniforms, again, finally. Now, if we can just whip somebody.


Red piping around the neck is cool. Great look.

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The old jerseys of which these are based on had it too.

Amen jhawg. It is good to at least be looking like the Arkansas Razorbacks again!


It looks like Chad Morris did something right.

I love these uniforms, they are traditional Arkansas!

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Will the pants have the red strips on the side?

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Yep ok thx. My fav!

They are fine. Now leave them in place.

They’re lit.

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I like them

But at this point I will like anyhting with Arkansas Cardnal Red and White on it that wins!

Winning makes a uniform look good

Let’s hope looking better brings playing better.

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