First, he recruits Chaney and Joe..............................

…and Scotty Thurman to stay as link to former players and to current recruits, both this years and future. Then, he finds some men ASAP to shore up next year. JMVVVVVHO.

Yes sir. U r right on all accounts

I agree his first order of business is to secure any talent on the team. Where we differ is the staff aspect. I like Scotty and hope he is kept for continuity sake, but I’d in no way make that any kind of condition. A new coach must have the freedom to choose his own staff, anything less, and it is starting off doomed to fail. You cannot force staff on a coach. Every instance I’ve ever seen that done, no matter the sport, it resulted in disaster for the program.

Love Scotty but time for a fresh start. Fortunately, what we think has no bearing but I will be a bit disappointed (and surprised) if EM doesn’t bring in assistants that fit what he wants to do perfectly and not default to a guy just because he’s already there.

Nor do you automatically dismiss a guy just because he was part of the previous administration.

I’m not sure how I feel about keeping Scotty or any of the other assistants.

I have a feeling there is going to be some culture shock for the players with the new regime.

Would having a link to the previous way of doing things be good or bad? I actually think that puts a lot of pressure on Scotty or whomever was retained. They would have to be 100% bought in on Muss’s method and able to reinforce it to players, yet act as a calming influence at the same time. Seems a bit tricky to me.

Keeping someone, somewhere, on staff who can be a bridge for the new staff to smooth the transition (with current players, recruits, fans, former players, etc.) just makes sense. It can be an administrative position like “Director of High School Relations”. It does not have to be the “Assistant Head Coach.” The reason that CEM is interviewing the former assistants is not just to gather information. He probably is looking for someone who could take a minor assistant position and work well with him and his staff as they bring in a new philosophy. If it is not Scotty, I bet it will be Zimmerman or someone else like him. JMVVVVVVHO.