First game of the year... Nebraska v Illinois

Features Arkansas candidate Frost as coach of Nebraska and Arkansas EX Bielema as coach of Illinois.

Should make for an interesting game to kick off College Football season.

Hate to say it, but pulling for Bret just because I want an upset and not a fan of Nebraska. Only good thing in Nebraska as far as I’m concerned is in Omaha during the College World Series.


I agree. I will always believe Bret was a huge step up from Morris. He gave us an ok 1st year. A good 2nd and 3rd year, with a nice 3 year trend.

Then, the bottom dropped out the last 2 years, as he failed miserably in replacing assistant coaches. And seemingly lost his way on and off the field.

I can’t think of a single positive thing I can say about the Morris era, other than it ended quickly.

Go Illinois.


I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I do like Bret. he came here well, improved our team and i liked his culture. His players love him, still. He really lost his way off the field, to the point that Pittman left a job he loved to go to georgia, and his assistant hires were just bad, recruiting really fell off.

I really hope he can control his off the field problems. I think he could have been a good coach here for years, and I think he’ll be a good coach at Illinois. But first and foremost he has to keep his life in control and not repeat what he did in fayetteville.

I’m pulling for him, in life and in the game today.



I watched the first quarter. Turned it off.

Bret’s wearing a short sleeve pull over. A new look.

So far so good. Illini, a 6.5 point underdog, leads 16-9 at halftime after losing their starting QB early in the game.

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Hope Bielema doesn’t blow another 4th quarter lead, like he was prone to doing at Arkansas.

Now 30-16 after Martinez ran for a 75 yard TD.

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So question: I thought his name was pronounced Bee-la-ma. In fact, Bo used to make fun of callers on the radio show that would say beel-ma. Which is it?

Brett is lucky in that he inherited a lot of speed players from Florida. Lovie recruited well in Florida. He just didn’t know what to do with them.

Half of the Illini’s defense is from Florida and all of their skill positions. Sitkowski was a Fla IMG guy.

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He’s also blessed to have lots and lots of seniors…

Frost showing poor time management/play calling on the last drive. Scored but not quick enough then badly missed the PAT.

Chase Hayden former Hog RB just got a carry for Illinois.

There are several Arkansas connections at Illinois. A couple staff members were with Bielema at Arkansas. And, former Razorbacks Kevin Richardson II (football analyst) and Tenarius ‘Tank’ Wright (director of strength and conditioning) are on the staff.


He’s got an Eldo kid on staff

Taylor Reed, son of Cabot Coach Scott Reed is a GA or Analyst or something similar. Reed played at El Dorado when his father coached there.

I don’t know about you , but that second class recruited by Morris and staff…. It’s turning out to be a pretty good class…. Nothing else he did was worth much ….

Wish Bret and Morris success.


Brett can win in the Big 10. He has proved that before.

I ran into a friend while checking in my hotel today. She is a big Nebraska fan, living just north of Omaha. To put it mildly, she is very discouraged about Husker FB. I recognize the feeling.

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You know it’s hard for Nebraska fans who remember great football and perennial top 10 rankings. They had some really great teams and battled OU like two heavy weights.