First game of doubleheader

Will the game start on sec + on time. Every time the start time changes it is late getting started on the sec + broadcast.

The time is listed correctly on the ESPN app. The trouble has come when that time is not updated. It speaks to a lack of communication beforehand.

Game started on time!!!

Does the SEC + and ESPN + fall under the same subscription? I can watch other games, but when I try to watch the Hogs I get" this channel is not a part of your TV package."

I have Directv. I get all the Hog baseball games.

I can watch espn+ on xbox, but not sec+ even though it shows up in the game schedule.

No. SEC Network+ is tied to your cable, satellite or streaming subscription. If you get SEC Network with that subscription, you should be able to access SEC Network+ through the ESPN app.

ESPN+ is a monthly subscription that unlocks additional content within the ESPN app. The ESPN+ subscription provides very little value when it comes to the Razorbacks. The only time it has been valuable to me this year was for the games at Louisiana Tech.

I’m logged in twice in the ESPN app. One login is tied to my streaming service, the other is tied to my ESPN+ account.

I have Hulu and disney +, with ESPN+ subscription. So I need to call suddenlink to get SEC+?

If you are a Suddenlink subscriber, I think you should be able to login with the same information you use to access your Suddenlink account.

In the top right corner you’ll see an icon and when you click that icon you’ll be prompted to choose your TV provider.

Thanks Matt. Got it working now. Had to put in an activation code.

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