First Finebaum and now Bo Mattingly...

" I like Bret Bielema but today is a tough day for everybody involved. Bret Bielema has not been successful at Arkansas and he’s not going to be successful in the future"

Was not expecting him to come out that strongly.

It floored me when he said it. He said that he doesn’t think it will work. Coupled with Wally’s article, the writing is on the wall.

Really shocked as well. Bo, who I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of because of how he tends to belittle his callers opinions, is always defending BB, atleast it seems that way.

He said the SC loss was “devastating for Arkansas and I believe Bret Bielema.”

I tuned in, and boy his toned has changed a lot just in a weeks time.

Bret has lost the state.

On the one hand, it’s Bo’s job to get people listening and hopefully have an informed, strong, opinion.

On the other, I’m not the least bit surprised he’s the first of the local media to pounce.

He has always been a front runner. If things are going well he’s glad-handing them and kissing up and making TV shows.

As soon as it turns South, he shanks them or posts some loaded poll to get everyone stirred up.

This is his schtick. He does it to MA all the time.

All that said, he’s right on this. The USCe loss was a killer.

I agree on all of this, like I mentioned I’m not Bos biggest fan.

I think he’s very focused on self promotion, ironically I think he wants to be Paul Finebaum, I see a lot of similarities in the show. There’s just a huge difference in the host.

He is correct though, like you said. This loss was brutal, and is likely the rock that derailed the train. It’s down hill from here and a matter of time before we are looking for the next coach.

“It seems like they’re having season one in season five.”


Wait until next year, even 3-4 games into next year before condemning CBB. We’ll have a new look and new attitude and new hope.

a big segment of the fan base has lost faith in Coach B and wants to move on.

How big a segment? That’s hard to tell because there is such a small part of the fan base that posts on message boards and calls sports talk shows as opposed to those who just read or listen or do neither.

But it sure seems like a significant number.

Other then the play of some individuals, it is hard to praise much on this team.

I think Coach B is a good coach and a hard-working one.

But sometimes things don’t work at a place and obviously it is trending down here now with two of the nation’s best team next on the schedule.

I was in Dallas this weekend for its game with Green Bay.

The mom of one Green Bay players was staying at a hotel. When she heard our group was from Arkansas, she simply said ‘y’all are not good at all right now.’"

I think that pretty well sums up things at the moment.

Well said Dudley. I am more and more convinced that fit matters more than I originally thought.

Look at Rich Rodriguez. I think he is a good coach, but he looked like garbage at Michigan and hasn’t done much at Arizona. Charlie Strong may also be in the same boat. Just not a fit at UT.

CBB is a good enough coach, just not at Arkansas.

Good post. Be interesting to see the attendance for the Auburn game.

This is a great summary and to me the hardest thing to swallow, the Offense, Defense and Special Teams are below average and just not good. The Team and the Coaches just play losing football, it was evident even going back to the Florida A&M game. The Team did come out on fire against A&M and it was a fun game, but again Offense, Defense and ST all made mistakes in the last 3 minutes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory :cry: :cry: :cry:

After listening to Bo and Clay some on the radio going home from work, at least Bo is now throwing coach b under the bus. Clay always gives spot on analysis and after listening to him on the offensive line i have no hope at all of finishing the year at least respectable. i could see us losing every game other than coastal carolina. Not a prediction but what i thought was unimaginable is now a very real possibility.

The OL has been bad. After watching Ck (yes I l’m sure it was against scrubs) I am how much of the blame is on AA. He’s super slow getting the ball out. Very indecisive. Misses open guys and then takes sacks/hits.

no qb likes to be hit, but the run he made i think in the first quarter when he turned his back to the defenders, well that wasn’t a manly run. at least kelly has the nerve to try to run. he’s also bigger and he not appear to be whining all the time. kid just wants a chance to play. yes we have been reminded of how Brandon fared against Bama when he had to play for Wilson, but we are going to get smoked regardless, why not point to next year. kids seemed to have a little spark when he came in.

God here we go again, bash the Allens for 6 years now say save BB until there gone. U’ve said this like 10x this weekend

The TAMU game was fun until 1:50 left in the first half. Ahead by 4 points and knowing we were getting the 2nd half kickoff, CBB sits on the ball, not trying to score. If we just get 3 at the end of the 1st half and then only 3 on the first drive of the 2nd half, we lead by 10. It probably never gets to OT. When you coach to keep from losing, your players notice.

I have listened to Bo and take it with a grain of salt. Today at the country store nobody was supportive of Coach B. Also at the barber shop all I heard was how pitiful the team played.
Getting beat is one thing. Losing games and not fighting is unacceptable. I’ve watched the hogs for over 50 years and this is getting old. If I can watch and know what play our offense is getting to run then don’t you figure the opponent knows too!
Coach B is a good guy and he has done some positive work for the hogs but I face this fact. He can’t get out of his own way at winning time. He is too predictable. The run was working aginst Texas A&M in overtime and we throw an interception to end it. Against South Carolina he never had a running game and continued to try to run.
Enos wants a type of QB like minded! Well does that exclude a dual threat QB that our staff is so scared to defend against ?
I think Coach B better show some fight and get this team to show that same fight on the field whether it’s a win or a loss. Otherwise there’s no reason to pay a coach 4 million a year to humiliate a fan base again next fall. I want to see the hogs fight and play with heart!

Interesting to hear former QB Matt Jones on Bo right now. Said he interviewed S&C coach and asked him if he ever used the track program to help with speed at skill positions in the off season. S&C coach told him no and that surprised Matt Jones.