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Kid decommits from Syracuse and is going straight to the G-League. I always wondered why more kids didn’t do it, then after the FBI probe I seen it was because college coaches/show companies were paying better than the G-League. Now that a lot of them will be scared to pay these players, I’m wondering will more kids just go straight to the G-League.

Hmmmm…it’ll be interesting to see if this leads to more kids skipping college.

Sounded pretty well thought out and rational to me. Sounds like the baseball model is closer to becoming reality. I hope so. And yes, the G-league should pay more than any college program!

Right now the G-League pays roughly $24,000. This kid will make that; he won’t make the bigger two-way money (that will go to NBA draft picks who are sent down to get experience).

I have some ESPN talking head show on, not one I recognize and too lazy to get up and look at the channel guide, but they were talking about the G-League a few minutes ago. One of the THs said it was crazy to go to the G-League when you can go to Europe and make a lot more money. I would tend to agree. Of course Americans tend to regard foreign countries as another planet, which is also crazy.

Yeah, I am always amazed how many Americans do not have a passport.

I wish most one and done players would skip college. They are of no benefit to college basketball and they are not in college for an education; nor do they receive an education.

I would rather enjoy them in college basketball than not at all. I prefer they stay with one and done rule unless they make it two and done.