First day of practice.

It was hot, but there was a pretty good breeze and lots of shade for those of us watching. Here are a few random things that I noticed.

    • #42 (Jaxon Williams, R/R, 5-8, 165, FR, Rosenberg TX) can really field at 2B. He made a nice diving stop and throw to 1B, then later made another nice play on a sharply hit ball. He got at least one hit.
    • Shaddy is still hitting the ball well. He finished last season batting .332 for the year and had (at least) 2 hits today.
    • Scroggins made an appearance on the mound.
    • #28 CF (Dominic Fletcher, L/L, 5-9, 175, FR, Cypress CA) must have impressed me, because I noted that he looked good. But now I can't remember why.
    • #54 caught, but was not listed on the roster. I thought it might be #50, but later saw someone wearing catchers gear and #50.
    • Darien Simms is listed on the roster without an assigned number. We saw him in the dugout, but he did not play.

Blaine Knight pitching to Sammy Blair

I found out that #54 is the transfer from TCU.

Here is Matt’s post with link to the article: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1072

Arledge hit a homer to left that easily cleared the bullpen. It was a no-doubter.

Kock hit a homer into that bullpen. It was not as obvious when it left the bat, but it easily cleared the fence.

Shaddy had another hit.

42 played short today, no spectacular plays, but he was sound.

Scroggins batted today, but I didn’t see him in the field.