First day of fall camp is 21 days away

The first day of fall camp is July 27th.

3 weeks until real football information!

Time almost stands still this time of year. Pre-season magazines used to be the methadone of football junkies. Enough to get you by until the real thing got here. Now they seem so dated and irrelevant. While I can’t wait to the get the latest news from Camp Bielema, I’m also filled with a sense of dread. The way things have gone for us lately, I expect us to lose an irreplaceable player early in camp.

First day of classes for the Fall Semester is Aug. 28.
First game is Aug. 31.

With the Fall Semester beginning so late, Fall practice most likely begins Thursday Aug 3.

The single most important factor in determining the beginning of Fall practice, is the starting day of the Fall Semester.

A new rule changed 2 a days and allowed for extended fall practice, so that is why they start earlier this year.

13 days away!!!

I assume that as in the past, all practices will be CLOSED. Will there be 2-a-days this year?

No 2 a days and that is why they start earlier.

Generally the practices are closed. Seems like one or two will be open to the media. That’s it. And there are no two-days anywhere now per the rules. They had all but disappeared anyway. First practice is July 27.

I can’t wait for real football information. Summer time sucks.

10 days until real football news!!

While they may not be classic match-ups, there are some college games on Aug. 26 to get the season rolling.

And a friendly reminder, the link given by Dudley is shown in the Brief Razorback F.A.Q.s which is in the Announcements section atop every forum.

4 more days until the start of camp!!! July 27th