First Consecutive Road Wins in the SEC

Wow…what a great time to win back to back SEC games away from Fayetteville. And what a slam.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIG:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

Not a true road win, it’s a Neutral Site win.

The selection committee does not distinguish between road and neutral-site wins. They are all lumped into one category.

Matt, who would we play tomorrow? Is this like the NFL and highest remaining seed (let’s say FL wins tonight) they get the lowest undefeated seed (aTm)? Or would we play the winner of the late game, regardless of who wins?

Arkansas will play the winner of tonight’s Florida-LSU game in the late game tomorrow. It is a single-elimination game.

So Matt, if undefeated Ark loses to one loss LSU/Fla, the Hogs are eliminated? I haven’t reviewed how the SEC tournament works lately - I knew the championship game was single elimination.

Yes, that is correct. I don’t like the format in Hoover, but it is single-elimination on Tuesday, Saturday (semis) and Sunday (championship). Florida was undefeated going into the semis last year and was eliminated with that 16-0 loss to Arkansas.

Is this the same format that was used when we lost to Fullerton St for the NCAA title?

thx matt…I don’t care for that format either, but with the weather issues this year, they might never complete the tournament with double elimination thruout.

Use 2 fields and play double elimantion with everyone invited or single elimination
But it sure stinks for a 1 loss team to be able to beat a no loss team and advance to Sunday. The teams with no loss should not be put out of any tournament by a 1 loss team! It’s just stupid. Another example of incompetence by the SEC office!

Judging from what we continue to endure with the pathetic(biased?)officiating in football and basketball,
I am with you on the incompetent aspect in the way
that baseball is handled at the SEC tournament.
They must have a front office staffed with some former Wallets and Ocean Scum. Over the entry door are
the letters, “WRD GAS”.