First 45 picks of the MLB draft

Included Casey Mize, Brady Singer, Ryan Rolison, Jackson Kowar and Sean Kjelle.

Blaine Knight beat all of them. OK, he didn’t get the win against UK but he left with the lead.

Jameson Hannah of DBU also drafted 50th.

It’s hard to understand why Blaine didn’t go before the 50th pick!

Josh Breaux goes #61. He ain’t coming to campus.

Sandlin of USM goes 67th

Not a chance! He has a big signing bonus coming! Good for the young man. I wish him well.

So, Blaine didn’t go in the first two rounds. He sure fell from what was being said on the streaming coverage over the weekend. His size, or lack thereof, and not having leverage must be the major concern for him. Hope he gets picked in the third round.

Jeremy Eierman of the Bad Uni Bears went 70th.

Blaine has leverage because he is a junior. He is going to be fine. He’ll probably be one of the early picks tomorrow.

I knew when I wrote that it didn’t sound right. I hope he goes soon, though.

Slot value for #61 pick is $1.1 million bonus. Although Brady Singer went #56 in 2015 and still came to Florida. That bet paid off about $2 million worth tonight.

I missed one. Ryan Rolison of Ole Miss went #22.

Blaine Knight beat him too.

I still don’t see the young man going to the hill!

for day 2 by eval:

seems like a sucky Cardinals draft, but who the heck knows high schoolers who could make me eat that opinion

The Yankees also drafted a catcher at #23.

Nolan Gorman is the best high school hitter I have ever seen. I saw him last summer get his bat broken in half by Wade Beasley (AR commit) and still hit the ball 340 off the RF fence. He mashed high level pitching and I am surprised he did not go higher actually.

He is a high schooler so who really knows but the baseball draft is about potential and this kid has it in abundance.

I am a huge Mets fan so this is not a homer analysis.

Here’s a nice article about the Cards 1st pick. Apparently his stock dropped, albeit not much due to concerns about his overall contact ability…iow as most sluggers do, he swings through lots of pitches.

I guess that is why I am not a scout. I just know that if I were a Cardinal fan, I would be excited about him.