First 11 minutes all man

1 steal out of trap, 1 block 12-10 hogs.

1 easy lay up, blew by barford. No one else back so zone wouldn’t have mattered.

Will continue to update.

Next 2 minutes all man

1steal out of trap

11-2 Georgia run. Mix of starters and 2 team. TO Arkansas. Not sure FG % during that time but bad.

Arkansas switches to zone at 7:30 and full court press.

They get 2 steals give up one easy lay up and 11-6 run. All starters sub thomas for trey half way.


Final 3.5 min

All zone full court press

11-10 Arkansas

Only point of interest was second to last play we are all back and in zone and Frazier sliced to the basket and was fouled.

You’re ahead of us at the game! It’s only 11:12 to go here.

Pitiful slow defense
Poor rotation and no way does beard and Watkins need to play
Cook either

At the half:
Man hogs 14 Georgia 21
Zone hogs 22 Georgia 16

Hugs 2-0 in between ds so I don’t know where it goes.

More steals out of man for Arkansas

The 11-2 run Georgia had we were bad defensively and offensively.

Second half:

Open in man first two minutes.

7-2 run hogs , 2 blocks by Moses. T.O. UGA

Update next 2.5 min still in man 7-4 hogs.

At 15:24 it’s all man: 14-6 hogs.

Update: next 3 minutes (12:19)

Still all man

Hogs 8-3
1steal, 1 block

Update: (7:47)
All man with some full court press and trapping
9-7 hogs

Update: (3:26)
Arkansas has been in zone the last 4+min
7-6 UGA Frazier hit 4FT and we gave up a 3 in the zone.

Hogs finish in zone.
8-7 hogs.
Holmes scores on double team!

I love how no one talks about our man defense after a game like this. I monitored every defensive change and we dominated in man and no talk. Surprised.

You chose to focus on steals but not to count the shot clock violations that were the result of the Zone defense. The UGA offense stalled against our Zone and we improved our Def rebounding.