Firefox browser and today's articles

Using Firefox browser, I get a “pop-up” on every new article today except the last one on “OM blows 22 …”. The pop-up says “get 24 hr access…” and asks for “sign in” / “subscribe”… I tried to sign in - nothing happens except the “sign-in” link disappears and the pop-up stays there, preventing me from reading the articles. Clearly, I’m signed in because I can access all the insider boards and the most recent article.

I can also access all of today’s articles if I use my Edge browser (Windows 10 browser replacement for IE). Is this a problem for everyone using Firefox today, or is it a problem for me only. I use Firefox 90% of the time and have not had this problem until today???

Edit: It has to be something in just today’s articles (except the OM article) because I can click on all Sept 5 articles in Firefox and that pop-up does not appear??

Harley, I had not opened the articles until you asked about it. Got the pop-up on one article but not the others. In the past, I had gotten similar messages (although not quite as slicked up as this one) on the HI Board. Not sure if it was the intended response, but I would just go and sign in to the board and the problem went away for several months. I assumed it was their method of getting us to verify our user name and password.

This is obviously a little different because I am still able to get to the other content without updating my sign in.

Not much help, but at least you know it is not just because you ate the wrong cereal this morning.

Good luck!

That’s not a Firefox thing, it’s a subscription issue. I had the same thing last week on every browser I use until they got my subscription straightened out.

Call our office and they can trouble shoot it. 800-757-6277

They will be glad to help sort it out on an individual basis.

I am using Firefox and I don’t have that. So it’s an individual situation.

Thanks to HI/Wholehogsports admin for their help.

In case anyone else has a similar problem, it is simple to fix. I just logged out on both browsers and logged back in on each. I had not logged out of the site since the HI/Whole Hog merger. I guess the system doesn’t like it if you don’t log out occasionally.

Not necessarily that simple. I posted about a similar problem a week or so ago - one of the HI admins emailed me and told me to delete cookies, and I also did the log out/log in thing. Worked fine for a few days, then popped up again over the weekend. Usually, when it happens (I’m using Firefox as well), I look in my browser history for either one of the private forums, or a recent insider article (whichever I’m NOT having a problem with), and when I select it, it will come up. Then, if - for example - I’ve selected one of Clay’s “State of the Hog” stories and what I was trying to do (but had difficulty with) was get into the Insider forum, once I’ve pulled up the story, it’s not problem to get into the forum. Or, vice-versa. Still, it bugs me that I have to screw around with it.

I’ve never had a problem getting to the insider forums. And this is the only time I’ve had a problem with the insider articles. But, if you’ve had problems with both the forums and the articles at separate times, it sounds like I may have more problems in store.

Later today, I did have the same problem in my Edge browser. Swine Fusion must have been correct that it was not a Firefox problem, but a problem with their subscription checking process. Hopefully signing out and back in occasionally will prevent a recurrence of the problems.

After replying earlier, I started having more problems with it. As best I can figure, the problem is not about logging in/out but with registering, which the pop-up allows you to do. Maybe, with the big sweep up of all HI subscribers, at least some of us fell through the cracks and did not fully get into the WHS system. Had no problems with registering and none since I did that.

Tomorrow may b a new world, though. We shall see.

I just now checked your login and everything looks fine on this end. If you are still having problems please e-mail us at and reference your user name. Thank you.


Fuzz is having these same troubles today. I have to sign in again and again and the article I want to read is gone every time and not able to read them. It shows I am signed in and for some reason keeps showing my real first name that nobody here knows me by. I dont care about the name problem, please fix this for me. Fuzz

Fuzzy, that is precisely what was happening to me, until I registered instead of signing in.

Well, went straight back to the board and, Wham! It started doing it again! Teach me to keep my mouth shut!

Had the same problem, Instead of signing in when prompted (does not work for me), go to the top of board and LOG IN. Works every time.

I am using a mac and am having the same problem, I have called the number listed as the support number and am still having the same issue

We apologize to all of our readers that experienced the problems mentioned in this thread. We have identified the cause and you should not be experiencing any issues with stories at this time. If there is any content you are not able to access, please e-mail us at and we will look at your account. Thank you.