Fire Kurt Anderson

To bad AA doesn’t have the same OL that his older brother had. Ragnow graduates this year too.

I agree. Anderson needs to be gone effective immediately

Is Brey Cook ready for this at this point in his career?

LOL …ya’ll are aiming too low. Fire the guy that hired Kurt. Otherwise we’re spinning our wheels

I’m okay with that too.

I don’t know how to copy and reply to posts, but if I did, I’d do this…

On the above post about firing the guy who hired Anderson, I’d suggest we fire the guy who hired our head football coach too. Start from there, work down.

The only coaches that need to be on payroll from here on out are Luney and M Smith.

The rest can go.

What about all of our other athletics that are in great shape? Football is the only thing in bad shape, right. Pretty sure long has hired most of our other coaches that are all excelling or am I mistaken?

It’s beginning to look like being able to field only half an offensive line doomed this team from the start. The defense was not going to be able to improve quickly enough to save an average offensive squad.

From a former offensive lineman, I am embarrassed.
At some point, you have to tell you’re guys to man up and whip somebody.
We cannot do that.