Fire in the belly needed

With the new coach at least IMO. By that I mean the players should have a nice level of fear that their HC and/or AC will call them out for lack of effort or missed assignments. I’ve not seen one example from the last coaches they will do that in a game. How many times did we allow a TD just before half and when the TV folks interviewed CCM heading to the locker room he was cool and calm. I would have like to see some fire from him showing he was going to chew some tail. CBB was the same way. Even Dabo has been known to pull a kid over and give him down the road about dumb mistakes. Nolan was a master of keeping the kids focused and wondering if they would sit after making a blunder.

Admittedly I’ve not pulled a FB jersey over my head since the 60’s but I guarantee you that my coaches then would chew your behind out in front of mom, dad and the entire crowd when you screwed up.

I know it’s a new generation and all that but successful coaches do it all the time.

Mind you there is a lot of things needed in a new coach but to me this should be one quality added to the list.

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I agree. There’s a fine line between a proven coach who might be more of a retread than someone who still really wants to coach. I think that was Danny Ford’s problem here. He never fully embraced NWA as home. Kept a cattle ranch in S.C.

An up & comer might have the fire, but it’s hard to know if he has the skill.

On paper both CBB & to a lesser extent CCM looked like good hires. Both were disasters. Frank Broyles was better than any fan at the time could have imagined, but he’d only had 1 season as an HC and that was a mediocre one at MU.

I think HY knows what he’s doing, but I sure wish we had Frank Broyles making the decision.

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If the Snowflakes don’t want a tough coach, I don’t want them. I want to see football players that are as tough as Darren McFadden. Drew Morgan was tough. Wright, Adams, Childs, Williams, Hunter and Hayden Henry. The Razorbacks have had big, mean lineman.

Take Burks and Boyd off this team and I don’t think you find much toughness. I do know that there are lots of players that can be coached up to be be mean tough players