Fire Howlin Ben!

Even with his shady crutin tactics, the dude is 0-2 SEC and can’t even win the ssissippi state championship. And was that Reggie Perry or the invisible man in a Miss Steak uniform today? It is getting hard to tell them apart.

very good team, but starting 0-2 with a loss at home and one to South Carolina does not bode well for him.

Maybe the poster who held him up in a thread not too long ago put a curse on him.

Ole Miss, on the other head, may be the second-best team in the league.

Going to be a tough road trip for Arkansas next week with games at Tennessee and Ole Miss.

It sure looks like Ole Miss made a good hire in Kermit Davis!

I asked a very intense OM fan that I work with how he could handle the lineage of K Davis and Ms ST, his answer was that he was very happy because he was a MS kid first. Friction ahead I predict. MTSU is really sucking so far this year.

Yeah ole Miss actually has a coach now. Watch how hard he works on the sidelines and he don’t put up with no crap they screw up he lets them know about it.

That was me. My main point was that Mississippi State has a better athletic program in Arkansas’s. And that still holds true. Better football and basketball teams, regardless of any recent losses. Sad really. But not surprising. Our basketball coach ain’t getting it done. All
we can do after losing to LSU complain about others cheating. LOL. Ridiculous.

That was may be what you want to say is all that’s happening, but that’s not true. I’ve said in numerous threads that it’s on MA, that he’s responsible, that they are struggling because of FT shooting, turnovers, etc that are all the responsibility of the HC and that he’s in trouble and will have a tough time digging out of it.

What’s ridiculous is that even when people are agreeing with you, you’re still being smug.

I guess I am smug, PIG, because the losses in all sports grow so tiresome. Frankly, they are starting to hurt a lot more than the joys that each of our very few wins produces. That’s what sucks about this whole Razorback athletic program. Probably why guys like me shouldn’t take this stuff so seriously and should probably check out for a while.

While I like Yurachek and Morris, they don’t get it. They haven’t been around the last seven or eight years. How could they possibly understand? They see a bunch of nice facilities and just talk about what’s going to happen in the future. As they should. But they don’t understand all the losing in the past and the really dark period for Hog fans.

Anderson ought to get it, but he doesn’t. He won’t change his ways at all. Sometimes he wins, but he loses a lot due to the same predictable shortcomings. And he yields little hope he can ever get to a Sweet 16 or do anything else significant. He certainly won’t this year.

Call it smug, whatever. I probably am.

I am in the same state of mind as you are and fully agree with your assessment. Enough pain and disappointments. Complaining, criticizing, constructive suggestion, whatever; does no good. This must take it’s course, for better or worst. Meantime, the best course of action for me is to check out.

See, that was a very fair post and I agree 100% with it. I’m beaten down by all of it. The football season. The basketball season and the constant sniping it brings every year at this time. Even the having the baseball NC wrapped up and finding a way to Arkansas it.

And, while I’m one of the biggest MA supporters you will ever find, those are the tendencies that frustrate me—the devoting to set substitution patterns (even when you’re struggling or if it means taking out someone who is on fire).

I have no doubt he’s passionate and cares about it 100xs as much as we do, but sometimes I would like to see him go completely off. That’s not his style and it has served him well.

But, I yearn for that Us Against the World mentality in both sports. It’s very tiresome to never be able to get over the hump and always feel like we are playing against a stacked deck (whether that’s by virtue of having inferior players or coaches or both, along with notoriously bad and blue-blood favoring officials).

Good points Pig! I’d like to see CMA take some of the old Nolan tactics and get T every once in a while and let the refs know just how sorry they are calling the games.
Heck I’d like to see a player get one of the coach won’t do it.