Fire his ass

U can’t win that game fire your ass and head back to high school.

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Nope. It would do no good to fire him now.

I I’m sorry never post but this experiment is OVER!!

Buddy. Who you gonna hire? Throw it out there oh and savanna ain’t coming neither is urban despite saying Arkansas is a 10 win team

It’s not an experiment. Again, it wouldn’t do any good to fire him now.

You don’t look like that and I think you know that too!!! Embarrassing Il

You can delete me no problem!! You don’t lose that game!!! Fire his Ass and get a qualified coach!!!

Start by demoting Craddock and promoting Turner Gill from the admin building to the QB room. And, Morris should take over all playcalling. if you are going to go 2-10 or 3-9 (again) you best do that with as much control over things as possible. Apologize for hurt feelings later.

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