Fire him after the game

No reason Jefferson should not have seen the field before now. Coaching staff is inept.

I would agree if HY had a Coach lined up and ready to come in. The early signing period complicates things a bit. I believe that HY is looking for CCM’s replacement even as we speak. As soon as the season is done, and if HY has his guy in place, CCM needs to be replaced.

Trust the coaches
They’re playing who is giving them the best chance to win

Wish we could have seen KJ and Spivey sooner.

I see what you’re doing…:grin:

Just please don’t bring any of this coaching staff back. Burks and KJ don’t deserve to have to play for ccm and this staff another year.

20 minutes ago I would have said that’s a very real possibility. Not anymore.

Need to make the move now… get he search started. Traylor interim

Wait about 3-4 hours and you might hear something.

Fire him right now. Right now

Are you insane. Trust the coaches???

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2009 is laying on the sarcasm!:grinning:

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