Fire Coach Cal

Best recruiting class in the nation and this guy losses 3 in a row and has a 6-6 conference record, the same as lowly Arkansas. He’s clearly not getting it done. Fire him now.

We are comparing Anderson’s record to Cal’s?

It’s Beard’s fault…

Knowing Kentucky fans, they’re probably ready to.

Would I be wrong in saying that Kentucky looks like the most winnable of Arkansas’ remaining home games? Texas A&M and Auburn are both rolling right now. Talked about that a bit with Blake Sutton in our recap video tonight. I think it’s a fair statement.

Actually that’s a fact Kentucky is the only home game I expect the hogs to win. Although I hope we can play a better game aginst A&M and pull out a win. The Aubirn game is going to come down to 3 point defense and keeping Auburn off the free throw line!
Kentucky may suffer a couple more loses before they arrive on the hill to play the hogs.
In regards to Greaseball “Cal” his only concern is putting these kids in the league it’s not about hanging banners. He made that comment earlier this year. He will end up on the hot seat. He does less with the most talent!

Yes that’s exactly what we are doing. They are both 17-8 and 6-6. One has the #1 recruiting class in the nation and a team with 3-4 projected first round picks and several others that are NBA prospects. One has a team with one projected first pick. But, if we listen to some of our resident forum experts CMA is stubborn, runs an outdated system, and constantly gets out coached almost every game. I’m just wondering if CMA is all that then what is Cal?

For somebody that cussed me out, called me a POS, and went on a tantrum and told me never to talk to them again, you sure do follow me around a lot trying to make little indirect jokes at me in every thread that I’m in.

Let me know if you never want to talk to me again or you want to follow me around and make indirect comments at everything I say. Because seems like you want to do both and that’s not going to work for me. You want to make jokes, I have jokes too. You want me to ignore your posts, I’d appreciate you respect me and do the same.

Nah, don’t fire Cal’s arse. Let him foil in the heat for a long period of time. It seems his players are more concerned about making it to the League than winning college games.
Now who taught m that? Coach Cal.

I do not think Cal is a great coach, to put it mildly. He routinely under preforms. Almost always has the most talent but never wins it all. His “system” (not talking about style of play but recruiting so many one and dones) will result in some pretty down years (for UK) as the team may not mesh (always going to be dealing with lots of egos). They will, every year, have so much talent that anything less than a title should be unacceptable.

Why kids continue to buy into the load of crap that he sells, that playing for him will help them get to the NBA more than playing for others, is beyond me.

Certainly Kentucky has more talent, but they are playing mostly freshmen and we are playing mostly seniors. Experience go a long ways in equalizing the difference in talent. If their freshmen would stay for a second year, Kentucky would easily win the SEC.

I don’t like Cal (to put it mildly) and I get the sarcasm of this post, but let’s be real:


In 8 full years at UK – 249 – 53 (82.4%), one NCAA title, 3 other Final Fours, 2 Elite 8’s, 1 second round of NCAAT and one NIT (lost in first round), no years without post season.

Is this success based on his coaching ability (separated from recruiting)? NOPE. Is it based on being one of if not the top recruiter of all time? Yes. Is that recruiting based on breaking/bending the rules and doing other things that are unethical? Yes.

But that is his record at UK.


In 6 full years at UofA – 128 – 74 (63.4%), two NCAA second rounds, 1 NIT second round, three years without post season.

This year, as of now, both are 17-8 (6-6 in SEC). I don’t think you REALLY want to compare the two’s records.

NOTE: I wouldn’t trade Anderson for Cal. Mike runs a clean program, Cal is a slim ball.

NOTE 2: I think the numbers I quoted are correct, I used Wikipedia and did quick math on the percentages, both my math and Wikipedia could be wrong.

Pretty sure the record is not the comparison here. Think it’s talent vs performance

I think the real question to ask is how would cal look at Arkansas and Anderson’s at KY.

To be fair in comparing dirtbag Greaseball Cal to MA this should be noted!
Cal vacated wins and National Championship at U Mass. He left UMass in a mess with NCAA sanctions and under probation and the same at Memphis.
MA UAB to the Dance no NCAA sanctions or probation.
MA Missouri to a 31-3 season and the final 4. No NCAA sanctions or probation.
And now the hogs. No black cloud hovers around Mike Anderson nor will it ever. He is a man with principle and integrity.
Cal has to have top talent and it won’t be long until he gets caught again. I don’t like Cal and firmly believe the problem in college athletics is allowing slim to continue to coach after they have been caught more than once cheating!
The same applies to Rick Pittino, Ben Holland, Bruce Pearl and Tom Izzo!

Guaranteed if you gave CMA the #1 recruiting class in the nation with several future NBA players we’d be better than 6-6 in conference. I don’t care how old somebody is talent is talent. The oldest team is typically not the team that’s picked to win the national championship, it’s usually the team with the most talent, and Kentucky has an abundance of talent on their roster, hence most experts picking them to win the SEC in the pre-season and them starting the season off as a top 10 team, so you trying to justify Cal underachieving by saying they are young doesn’t hold any weight, they are young team every year lol. Nobody forcing him to take 5-6 one and done players every year.

Don’t think Cal willi coach college ball more than a year. He did not get the top recruits for the 2018 class. Since Coach K switched his m to match Cal’s one and done model, top recruits are flocking to Duke.

MA didn’t go to the final 4, he went to the elite 8, but I get your point and agree.

And yea, nobody wants to every talk about Coach Cal’s two vacated final 4’s at two different schools. He cheats, has the best players money can buy, and still only won one national championship. But, most people don’t care about cheating. There were people on this board defending Bruce Pearl and talking about how Mike Anderson needs to take notes from him, and this guy has 2 players currently ineligible because they got paid and an assistant that’s under federal investigation. But because he’s a win now coach by any means they love it, they don’t care if wins are vacated later and the school is left in mess, they just want to see their team win now by any means necessary.

It was so hilarious listening to Coach Cal try to snitch on Coach K. He’s so pissed that Coach K is stealing his one and done monopoly.

Coach K has a new strategy, instead of paying the kids now, he just tells them if they go here we’ll take care of you the rest of your life after you leave Duke. It’s a real gray area telling recruits that, I’m not sure it’s all the way legal by NCAA rules to tell recruits that, but he’s getting away with it for now, and it’s driving Cal mad.

How does this bother you? More importantly why? Therapy, dude! Let it go

I am sure there are some. I don’t remember many. I for one think Pearl is almost as scummy as Cal. I was shocked when he got hired at AU. I figured lying to the NCAA would be enough to keep anyone out. Paying players and other recruiting violations can at times be blamed on fans or assistants (not saying the HC didn’t know and approve it, just gives him plausible deniability). I was stupid enough to think that once Pearl got a second chance he would be more careful the second time. I was wrong.

I want to win. I don’t want to break the rules to do it.