Fire Chris Beard!


But, in all seriousness that Texas Tech game is looking a lot better than it did a couple weeks ago, this is their 3rd loss in a row tonight. I’ll be honest, I think both Ole Miss and Tennessee are better teams, hopefully guys learned something from those games. A couple wins this week would do wonders for perception and confidence moving forward. Huge week for us starting tomorrow!

Someone wants to play huh, lol.
Basketball is a game of trends & streaks, some good, some bad.


Do we still want his Phone #? :lol:

Lol good post!

It’s disturbing when people see a shiny objects and make an impulse decision

I know he isn’t going to come here, as DD has pointed out, but he is a fantastic young coach


Yes he is.

No need for his phone number. Minds have changed a little since TT hit that little bump in the road!