Fire Chavis

Don’t agree with much there. I do agree with the last sentence.

But as a DC, it’s your responsibility to remove the liabilities. We repeatedly trot out Santos, slow, can’t tackle a 90 year old woman with a walker, constantly busts in coverage. There are freshman much faster than him, and can at least blame mistakes on being a freshman.

Then you have the lack of creativity, lack of effective blitzes tonight, lack of QB contain.

I agree the roster isn’t good. But it’s good enough to win that game. We had a horrible called second half, offensive and defensively.

Do you think he should be held accountable for coaching players never recruited?

Is this a joke?

His job is to coach, idc who recruited them. His job is to field a competitive defense, to put games away, to make adjustments. Yeah I’d like him to have his players, but he’s not going to for a year or three. So you work with what you have, and absolutely will be held accountable for it.

The mere definition of a fan throws out the idea of objective, and few if any liked the last two DCs. But I will agree with you to an extent on Santos–I don’t understand why he’s on the field other than the coaches must think he gives us the best chance back there. IDK. They made him a captain. I’m not sure how easy it is to pull your captain off the field for a backup, but for whatever reason, they aren’t pulling the trigger. All I know is to come on here immediately after a difficult loss and say Fire, Chavis is not the answer.

Not a joke at all. Just curious what standard you hold him to, which by the way is a joke.


It’s not lack of coaching. It’s lack of quality talent and depth on both sides of the ball.


Head hog said the standard is best, did he not?

We did not get the best tonight. In the second half we didn’t get the best from the defense or offense. Injuries, talent, whatever you want to blame it on, we should’ve put that away.

Definitely some issues with play calling, didn’t contain a dual threat QB in the pocket to force the throw when you had dbs 15 yards downfield. But wrapping tackles was a noticeable thing in early weeks, now they’re not (specifically Ramirez, and it was costly this game). I still have plenty of hope for chavis.

Also, can we acknowledge Ole Miss all purpose offense is number 7 in the nation?..

Thanks for speaking truth the this-is-all-Bret-Bielema’s-fault crowd does not want to hear. Glad to see another Hog fan not drinking the Kool-Aid they’ve been serving for 30 years now.

You nailed it…in 2 short sentences

Yep, North Texas and Louisiana Tech have much better players than Arkansas. That’s why they got blown out by North Texas at home. That these players almost beat ranked Texas A&M now on a 3 game winning streak – that does not mean these are players who can compete in the S.E.C. because as we’ve been told the cupboard is so very bare – that game was all brilliant coaching. :roll: :roll: :roll:

That comment is laughable, absolutely laughable. Arkansas’s defense last year was much, much worse. At least I have seen some really good play out of the front seven. Arkansas’ problem is the same one they have had forever. The secondary. They play tough when the game starts and then they melt as the game goes along. They lack speed and toughness needed to play in the SEC. They play as if they are scared of getting beat deep and then they get beat deep. If they had had the quickness to jump that quick out route, they would have had at lease one pick six.

In 1985 a lot of people said Nolan couldn’t coach either look what happened it 1994

The Chief will be fine.
The defense is basically the same disastrous unit left by the overrated and beloved BB.
Help is on the way.

I always think it’s hilarious when anybody on a message board, who isn’t a former division 1 coach, thinks they know better than the experienced coach on the field. A coach that for years, every day, 12 hours a day studies film and understands complexities of the game that are light years beyond what anybody on this board knows.

I would love to see a YouTube video of chavis explaining just one defensive play to the armchair qbs on this board. It would be like watching a physics professor explain quantum mechanics to a third grader.

But don’t lose your mo…just keep telling us how obvious certain things are based on your infinite wisdom.


He’s awful. He’s past his time and we all knew it.

He lost that game because he doesn’t have it anymore. He lost that game because he doesn’t have the guts to take Santos out of the game, who repeatedly cost us.

We have some, not much but some talent in Defense and it’s just absolutely god awful.

We have the single worst safety in the country, I do not care what anyone says about his stats, he may have a decent amount of tackles but he’d lead the SEC if he didn’t miss 30 a game. He’s the worst safety that has ever worn a Razorback jersey, lost his man (Knox) and they rally back to win.


Fire Chavis and thank the good lord that Santos is out of eligibility.

This one hurt. We suck, I’m sure we are about to start making recruits look elsewhere, no way they don’t after this performance.

[/quote]I don’t think anyone should be fired after this year.

The facts are we didn’t tackle when we needed to the most. We lost our offense when the players went down. If we could shoot ourself in the foot, we did.

Clockwork Orange…

ding ding ding.

But, this is a message board, where people want to believe they have super powers.

Is JRjdent really Elmo?