Fire Chavis

He’s awful. He’s past his time and we all knew it.

He lost that game because he doesn’t have it anymore. He lost that game because he doesn’t have the guts to take Santos out of the game, who repeatedly cost us.

We have some, not much but some talent in Defense and it’s just absolutely god awful.

We have the single worst safety in the country, I do not care what anyone says about his stats, he may have a decent amount of tackles but he’d lead the SEC if he didn’t miss 30 a game. He’s the worst safety that has ever worn a Razorback jersey, lost his man (Knox) and they rally back to win.


Fire Chavis and thank the good lord that Santos is out of eligibility.

This one hurt. We suck, I’m sure we are about to start making recruits look elsewhere, no way they don’t after this performance.

Man you should re think that statement. Look at the recruits he is brining in. Look at what he has to work with. It’s not Chablis!

Oh good lord

Yep, he went back to his A&M days, that playing not to lose will usually get you beat.

I don’t care if he was bringing ray Lewis in, the proof is in the pudding, he’s been downhill for years. He does not have it.

He needs to be fired and we need to find someone who knows how to do it.

Whoa there Nelly. The defense and offense work hand in hand. When our offense can’t sustain drives, our defense will be exposed because of the lack of depth. When we had our top two RBs and our starting QB in the game, we were able to stop their offense. As soon as we sputter on offense, our defense collapses. Not completely Chavis’ fault.

Now, I agree with you on Santos. Terrible. Awful. No good. Has the attitude you like from a head hunting safety, but he doesn’t have the talent to back it up.

Foucha can’t get enough reps this year.

I disagree if we can actually sign the recruits we have he’s worth the higher for that alone

They call it 3rd and Chevas at LSU

What do they call Les miles?

Fire him after national signing day, idc what they do, as long as he’s not here wasting 1 Mill a year.

Santos is much overrated prepare Fouche imo give him more reps

That should not happen and won’t happen. He’s dealing with a serious lack of talent. Things will improve.

Defense has more talent than the offense does.

The lack of creativity tonight and the fact that they shredded us with the same things over and over. We might as well still have Robb smith or whatever that UCLA duds name was.

Well, when you fire him and you lose the Top 15 recruiting class on the defensive side, look yourself in the mirror. First year. Give the whole coaching staff a chance.

This loss isn’t on the defense. Ole Miss can score points. This loss is on the offense for only putting up 6 points in the 2nd half, 0 points in the 4th quarter and against the leagues worst defense.

Hard to give a guy a chance who just flat out sucks these days.

He’s been downhill for years, no denying it, ignorance denies it.

What would you have done differently? Blitz every down? That didn’t seem to work, either. When Ramsey came off the edge, we seemed to get to their QB, but he also found ways to leak out of the danger and run and run and run. Got to have players. Period. Players will make DCs look good.

I’m not a defensive coordinator in the SEC, I don’t get paid 1 mill a year, what does it matter what I would’ve done?

I’m a fan. I’m objective. I use my eyes, I look at stats, I look at trends, the trends, the stats, they all say he’s lost it.

Fire Chavis? WRONG! Last year this defense could not stop any good offenses and we lost games like the one Missouri. This year this defense is doing the same. Can not stop any good offenses and losses are accumulating. The reason is the lack of quality talent and speed. That is not Chavis’s fault. Coaches are playing with what is already there. They are recruiting well and we’ll win when we have the talent to match others.

You are anything but objective. You’re a fan, as am I. You cannot be a fan and be objective. Otherwise, you might look across the field and see a QB who has an amazing ability to see the defense and find the right place to attack. I understand you are not happy with the defense; none of us is happy. John Chavis is not happy at all, either. But it seems to me everybody on this board was screaming about how pitiful the last two DCs were, too. At some point, you have to realize until we get more speed, no DC in safe on this team.