Finished The Southern Living Christmas Cake

This morning right before lunch. I used to do it every Christmas years go, and just quit because of work and laziness. It takes a lot of time and thought for me, but my wife helped me through it. It’s a lemon curd filling in between the cake with an amazing coconut cream cheese icing that we fought over the spatulas and leftovers this morning! I stink at piping decorations though…but it will taste awesome tonight-it has to taste good with all this butter, sugar and cream cheese I’ve mixed into this thing.

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What time are you serving dessert? :grinning:

My grandmother Barnes used to make a Birthday cake for the baby Jesus every year. It had a lemon filling between the layers. It was always baked in an Angel food pan and she would put a Madonna figurine in the center. There were kneeling, praying cherub figurines around the outside.

It was tasty and beautiful.

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Dang. That puts to shame my apple pancake crepes Christmas morning.

The cake was cut last night and was voted a major winner! It was RICH…I’m guessing 500 calories per slice. The lemon/coconut contrast was amazing. I’m a chocolate guy, but this cake was VERY good.


So when will the recipe be posted? That would be a good thread that would need to be pinned if everyone posted their favorite recipes.

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Apple pancakes were a hit. I ran out of batter and had to make a second batch.

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