Finebaum's idiots gave the hire a C

what a joke! strictly have to be going off the W-L record,everybody else got better grades… there have been plenty of others who love the hire but his 3 ring circus didn’t…

Paul really likes that Tennessee hire…hmmm, is Paul from Tennessee? YES.

You mean Paul Finebaum on the Alabama Network?

Don’t expect anyone but the Crimson Tide butt kissing on that show !

Good, I want to be under the radar.

Everyone was saying we’d win a championship after the Bret hire.

I’m a fan of being under rated especially compared to over rated.

no they thought Pruitt was an A hire LOL.

They thought Butch Jones was an “A” hire …

Your 11th option is an absolute F hire.

Then he massacres the PC

none of it will matter if he wins.

Yeah Who cares what they say on the Alabama football and the Kentucky Basketball network. I wouldn’t except anything different with them.

Who cares what anyone think thinks outside of our fan base. They are the enemy!

It’s OK

That is what is to be expected of Arkansas from the outside

Frankly Arkansas hasn’t earned respect

Our record in the SEC and our Bowl record shows it

This “C” grade is OK - it’s the grade in year 3 of this coaching era that matters

I’m trying not to get excited but I like this guy - I think IF Words and read conferences are a indicator - we have a an “A” grade winner

It would have had to be a Big Splash hire, such as Jimbo or Dabo, to have gotten high grades because they enjoyed CBB’s personality and were friends with him. Their short-sightedness doesn’t see how CCM checks the right boxes for Arkansas.

The reason for the low grade was the overt defensive need of the team not answered by this hire. Of course, a DC has not been selected which may change the overall perception.

I would give the Three Stooges an “A” for replacing the Finebaum crew…

They are right…I had him as a D…all that hype the local boys are giving him…but, we will all see and will know who was right or wrong…

C is about right

Can’t stand Finebaum. Now having said that a C grade is the middle of the road which I thought was fair the best I can tell. I’ll be more interested in what his grade is on December 9 of next year that’s what matters to me, with any luck his grade will improve. WPS

C is about right
[/quote]I’m worried. The last coach was a walkon. Morris never played college ball. Sounds like we’re going in reverse. :wink: