Finebaum said he doubts football season

starts on time. Alabama is already looking at other opponents for their 9/5 game. They were scheduled to play USC in Jerry World on that date. I would hope that HJ is doing the same, especially for that first game against Nevada!

If it doesn’t start on time, I can’t imagine it starting in time for a 9/5 game. I can see a shortened season, but one that doesn’t start until at least the 2d or 3rd week in Sept. On the other hand, if we’re able to start in late Sept, I’m not sure we can’t start on time. I can’t imagine things staying static. Either we’ll see a surge or decline & we’ll see whichever happens by July 4.

They are openly talking that TCU will take the USC game with Alabama. Weird that anyone is willing to step up to take that game.

Patterson has the Ego to do it.we will see.

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