Finebaum on Gus

He is sort of predicting that Gus would leave Auburn at the end of this season and come home to Arkansas.

For what it’s worth, I think that is pretty far fetched for various reasons. Finebaum’s last 25 years have been spent giving hot takes that rile up the Auburn fan base. He did both with that interview.

I’ve grown to tolerate Finebaum & even enjoy watching him on “SEC Now” etc. I can even enjoy his TV call-in show occasionally. However, he still wants to revert back to being a “poison pen” or ***stirrer from time to time.

I can see Auburn firing Gus this year. He’s likely to have 2 more losses & possibly 3 more. He can survive a 3 loss season, but not another 5 loss one. Not sure he can survive a 4 loss season. But even if he’s canned at AU, I don’t see us hiring him. He’s too divisive. I certainly don’t see him leaving AU voluntarily to take the UA job. Besides, it’s not an absolute given that CBB will be gone. (I’ve thought if we can get to 5 wins he might survive. Get to 6 he will survive. Both long shots. Now with Ragnow & Hayden out, I don’t see us getting 6 wins. Kinda doubt we get 5. Still, I’m not certain either way about CBB.)

I just talked with an Auburn fan, who thinks that Gus needs to beat the Aggies and at least be competitive with Georgia to stay out of trouble. He agrees that they have almost no chance against Bama. The bad bowl record is also not playing well.

The first words out of his mouth were of course, is BB gone?

I don’t see it. Gus burned some bridges on his way out on the hill. It might happen but I won’t hold my breathe.
I’d like to see Brent Venables or Jeremy Pruitt get a shot. Pruitt has Texas connections.

I’d forgotten they still play A&M. They play that at College Station. I could see him losing to the Aggies, Tide, & UGA Bulldogs. That’d be 5 losses. Aubie fans would be apoplectic with 5 losses. Even so, I don’t see him coming here even if CBB were ousted.