Finebaum on auburn

He sorta blasted auburn over what they agreed to pay Malzahn. He said they panicked. His thinking makes sense. Auburn will be without an athletic director soon. They didn’t want to go into December or January looking for both a coach and athletic director. So they panicked when they threw all that money at Malzahn. I tend to agree. We might have saved ourselves a ton of money. Just thought it was an interesting take.

Morris is a better person for our job over Gus. Gus has no ties to Texas or our area except Arkansas.

Agree. We can get Morris for less and put money into the assistant coaches especially a defensive coordinator

I agree we got lucky on the money. People talk about the HC like he’s the only one that matters. He’s important to be sure, but he’s no good without top AC’s. It might seem like we have an endless money supply, but we don’t. We can spend more to get some good AC’s if we don’t throw it all at the HC.