Finebaum Interview:is Jimbo Fisher being exposed

He continues to lose games he has no business losing so I Think it’s a valid concern.


he he, that makes me so happy. I’ve got a UT friend who is always very worried that “this is A&M’s year. they are REALLY recruiting well”.

and I have to keep telling him how t he SEC is going to eat them (and us, and everyone not named Bama or jawja, or LSU).

this year he’s really worried. But I’ve been really excited about the gaggies-with Jimbo’s history of letting players do anything, combined with all his NIL cheating-I really think all those NIL-purchased-frosh are going to arrive feeling very entitled, and literally impossible to keep them all happy, and we’ll get to watch this team unravel, with lots of yelling at coaches, off-field issues. just a dumpster fire. I had no idea that it would start quite this soon, however. Love it!!!


Jimbo: Aggies can’t afford to keep him, can’t afford to get rid of him! I love it


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