Fine. Let's win out

Lost after an amazing comeback without Toney.

Let’s go win the damn SEC tourney.

Then Final Four.
This lost costs us nothing.

Get healthy and let’s go.


That’s my feelings exactly

Hope we are a little angry now

Devo needs to play better. He’s back to being pretty marginal and turning over the ball.

If we win sect we won’t make the final4…I’d rather lose 1st game, and blow thru ncaa.

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Don’t leave anything at the SEC tournament. I’d like a first round win just to stay in a rhythm of playing two games a week, but otherwise it’s just not that important to a team that has the potential to do well in the Big Dance.

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Disagree. Win the SEC Tourney. Then win the whole thing. Its been done before.

I’m greedy.

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Looks like LSU will be the 5 seed, based on tie breaker rules.
So, winning the SECT would mean, beating LSU for a 3rd time, beating Auburn again, then beating Tennessee or Kentucky in the finals.

Dang. Hate playing LSU. But whatever. Get healthy. Win out. Celebrate two championships. That’s what I say.

No guarantee LSU beats their first opponent

They run hot and cold

LSU will play winner of Ole Miss and Mizzou. I expect to see the Tigers on Friday. The LSU Tigers, that is.

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