Find myself rooting for Mike Leach

In this year of depressing hog football WSU has been my outlet. I’m not sure why any mid tier power 5 team would not jump at the chance to have him.

Look forward to the days when we can actually compete with anyone in the conference.

funny guy who sure as heck knows football.

It took Leach a long time to get WSU where they are now. Will we give Morris the same time?

I have to believe we will… have to give him two or three years to get his Personnel in here

Picked to finish at the bottom of the Pac 12 north - very, very impressive what WSU has done this season.

For people that say you can’t recruit to Fayetteville/NWW please know NWA might as well be NYC as compared to Pullman. Very small town in the middle of nowhere.

Kudos to Leach.

I wanted Leach as our coach. The man is odd, but is a football genius. He does more with less. Read the book Perfect Pass. It is about Hal Mumme and Leach and how they came up with their offense. There are Lots of small details such increasing the line splits. A great read!

Can’t deny his track record.

helps to have a qb , QB is key player in today’s football. The mustache is from Madison , Ms and prior to accepting the WS offer from Leach he was headed to be the backup at Bama this year with promise of being Grad Assistant when he finished. He was looking long term when Leach said come throw the ball 50x a game and have some fun. Fun won out and rest is a good story.

I guess he stopped degrading players when they were following injury or concussion protocol.
Maybe that was overhyped at the time.

Yea I saw him mention that story in one of his interviews. Do you want to be the backup at Alabama or lead the nation in passing? The list of head coaches who worked under Leach is probably as long as Sabans.

It is my understanding that the situation was very overblown. … 440102001/