Financial impact of the virus on college sports

No commentary from me. Read and discuss.

We’ve all known how financially tough it’d be, but it was still startling to me to see just how devastating it could be. Tells me there’s more likelihood of football than I once thought. Still not sure there’ll be a full season. Still expect a massive reduction in ticket sales & attendance—reduced attendance of course will probably be mandated in some way or another. Looks like this season will just be about cutting losses as much as possible.

I figure that my football tickets for this year may be similar to my track tickets every year. They get my money, but seldom my presence. (Hey I love track meets, but if baseball is playing …)

Hunter needs to come up with some kind of bonus improved seat credit in the future for any season ticket holder who choses or is unable to use their tickets this year and does not demand a refund.

I think that there will be one or more sweeteners, depending on how things work out.

If all that happens is everyone wears a mask, there will probably be some fan appreciation stuff for those that attend.

If they end up cancelling games or reducing capacity for some or all games(what a nightmare that would be) I think that they will offer season ticket holders some incentives to try to hold down refund demands/no-renewals. Some kind of bonus on RF contribution credits would be one of the cheapest ways to keep the faithful less unhappy.