Finals week

I’m of the opinion teams are sometimes sluggish at the end of finals week. The basketball team, for instance, typically plays its game in North Little Rock at the end of finals week and those games tend to be tense more often than not. The basketball team played ORU at the end of finals week in December. ORU turned out to be a pretty good team, but Arkansas did not play well in the first half.

This is the end of finals week at LSU. The Tigers had to get a waiver to play Grambling State on Tuesday because competition is not allowed during finals there. The decision was made that players who did not have a final on the day of the game could play, but those who had a final Tuesday had to be away from the ballpark. I think LSU had six players sit out.

Arkansas’ final exams begin Monday and end the day of the first Georgia game next week.

That’s kinda weird. I would think they would make the people who had finals Wednesday sit out; you’ve already put the Tuesday finals behind you by game time, unless they were doing some finals at night. I once had a final at night, but it was also a night class.

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They moved up the game time Tuesday so the game would end earlier. The reason was that it would give those who had a test Wednesday time to go home and study that night.

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