Finally Watched KB videos...Wow!

Bring that man on for the Hogs! We’ve not had a QB as talented as KB in a LONG time. Great arm with accuracy deep, good wheels to move the chains if play breaks down. Only wish we had OL & WR talent I saw on that Clemson team. He’d be good for several more wins this year if we had him.

I totally agree with you DR.He’s a great player but until we get this defense fixed we are in for a long ride…we have scored enough to win 2-3 more this yr…would love to have him though b/c we can finally go Uptempo.

When CCM went to Clemson as OC and then took the head job at SMU, both stops it took till the 3rd year for the offense to hum. I think the addition of KB advances the offense to “Humming”. We win enough games to “bowl” by outscoring folks. IF KB … :sunglasses:

The defense has been pretty hit and miss at times, but I do think there were a couple of games where we should have simply outscored the opposition and won the game anyway(Colorado State, North Texas, Ole Miss, maybe Vandy). Too many three and outs and too many lost opportunities for big plays.

With KB this year we probably beat Col St, Ole Miss, maybe Vandy. Not sure about NTS, that was early & our defense was really bad then.
But having 4-5 wins now would still give us hope.

The number of additional wins would only be part of the story. The development of the QB’s on the hogs roster is where it matters. Our hogs will go bowling next year. The youth movement will have growing pains and they will make mistakes but they will also make plays.
Next season should be a fun year.