Finally, Justice for PA!

Or should I say Justice against PA? In either case, young Mr. Hill and his LR Christian mates take down the evil multi-uniformed empire. Oh Happy Day! While I’m sure Justice is going to help our basketball team, I’m intrigued at what he might do for our football team. As a slot receiver and situational wildcat QB, I bet he could make some plays for us.

I was glad to see LR Christian win the state title.

Justice Hill did something not many kids do…beat Pulaski Academy in the state final.

I like those Little Rock Christian jerseys…cool.

they are on CLOUD 9!

I pity the teachers there today, how in the world are they going to conduct class?!

I think they should gather all the kids in the gym, order pizza, play Breakfast Club and shut 'er down!


My kids went to PA, but I am thrilled they got beat. Never been a Kevin Kelly fan.

I have made my feelings clear about this. If he wants to play football, he should go on a football scholarship and not waste a basketball scholarship. The way seasons are on the calendar, you can be a full time football player and part time basketball player. Not the other way round.

I am actually pretty sure you CANNOT be on basketball scholarship and play football. If any member of a football team in on any athletic scholarship it has to be in football.
This is to prevent teams from exceeding the football scholarship limit by “creative means”

As I recall, this was a common Bear Bryant practice. Lots of track, etc scholarships given at Bama before the NCAA stopped it. Nebraska had a “walk-on” program where kids who ran fast, lifted heavy weights, and were very athletic got academic scholarships–even though they couldn’t spell “cat” & made 15 on their ACT’s.

If you get a scholarship and play football, you must get a football scholarship. If you don’t play football and you play basketball, you must get a basketball scholarship.

So Track athletes, baseball, etc. all fall behind those two.