Finally, I Saw Some Hope

I saw some fight and backbone. It seemed liked they cared for the first time since the FL win. That is the first step. The lack of talent is not on this staff. The lack of fight and caring most certainly is. Seemed they got some of that corrected and that is something on which to build (and perhaps take an old farts advice about paying a whole lot more attention to all parts of the kicking game).

A&M has bought a whole lot more of everything, but they cannot buy more effort and caring. Is that enough to carry the team to victory. It very well could be if it were not for the complete lack of a kicking game, all phases of it. You have to have that to pull an upset.

Amen. WPS

Sadly, the special teams can be better but we would have to play a lot of starters on ST. We will burn in the 4th quarter if we play too many starters on ST. Special Teams is a coaching issue and a depth issue. We do not have enough depth to play the defensive starters on Special teams especially in the age of HUNH spread snap counts.

Most teams have enough depth of good LBs, CB, Safeties, RB’s and WRs to provide speed and tackling. Most teams also have enough TE’s, Dline and Oline to provide beef for special teams. Our lack of QUALITY LB and Dback depth is showing up on special teams, as is the weakness of our WRs. We don’t have any Oline quality depth and very little Dline depth to provide to special teams. Our TE’s are an enigma with a head case, too soft or too slow players.