Finally game day

Game day’s finally here. Hopefully after the game ends everyone can stop pretending how ashamed and embarrassed we are that Petrine was once head coach. That, or we pretend that era never happened. Those teams and players never existed. Players like Joe Adams, Chris Childs, Dennis Johnson, Ryan Mallet, and so no. What Petrine did is not unforgivable, or the worst thing ever at this University.


Simple truth, some people never cared for Petrino before he was our coach. Him becoming our coach created as much “pretending” (or at least the appearance of pretending) as what you note exists now: i.e., hollow support of someone you never wanted to lead the program you’ve supported for decades prior to his arrival.

His departure, and the way it happened, was just a symptom of what was there all along. Not revisionist history. No reasonable person would ever debate his coaching ability. An equally reasonable person would not try to defend all the other.

Remembering and forgiving are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Most have long since moved on from April 2011. Many have forgiven. But few will forget.


My biggest beef is not with Petrino, but with how people relate to those two great teams and players he had. For instance, when someone says remember that great kick off return by Dennis Johnson, or that great punt return by Joe Adams, some people respond who’s Dennis Johnson? Who’s Joe Adams. In order to show how virtuous they are, they pretend they don’t even remember those teams and players. That’s just wrong regardless of how one feels about Petrino.

I don’t know anyone who pretends that BP’s teams didn’t exist or achieve at a high level. BP is a helluva coach, a lousy recruiter and a crappy human being. All can be true at the same time. I hope he’s a better person now than he was as our coach


At one time I thought Bobby was the best offensive coach I ever saw. Still do actually, but I felt he neglected defense and it cost him some. But his teams sure moved the football.

I hope our team today is able to defend his offense and if they do, we will win easily, but I fear this game is no easy win.


I’ve mentioned before that Bobby was a master of play design and scheme to get WRs running in open spaces and he made QBs lives miserable drilling into them on getting the ball to those open spots. He did it even against the best. I am positive he has had this game circled since it was on the schedule. Planned for it. I’m reminded he planned a year in advance for a 4th down play to use against LSU’s tight man coverage and I think we scored a TD on the play. So does Petrino make me nervous? Absolutely he does. Add to that the injury issues and soft play from our secondary and I worry about this game. Maybe I shouldn’t and we will lean on them and control the ball with our offense and keep the time of possession, but I remember when Bobby was here and we NEVER won TOP and we still won a lot of games.

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