Finally finished a game

Great effort defensively for forty minutes. Granted Vandy missed some open threes but they were beat as soon as we overcame the ten point lead. Gabe did some bad things shot wise and some really dumb fouls but he was our best rebounder and does what’s asked of him.

Bringing Mase off of the bench has ended up being a good thing. It’s helped his confidence, he’s definitely looser and playing pretty well. Haven’t seen too many dumb, live ball turnovers from him. He’s not pressing as much. It’s also helped Sills confidence level grow. He’s gonna be a beast. You can see it in his shot, Pretty selective as well.

If Dro had better shot selection, i think he’d be a much more effective shooter in the midrange. I can tell by the look on his face when it’s going in or not.
I know this was an SEC Winless Vandy but it was Senior night and they knew we were their best chance at a win. Kept the pedal to the metal and i was elated that i didn’t have to sweat the last thirty minutes.

Loved that both walkons that got in got buckets. The bank shot from JH was great.

Figuring out how to put a team, any team, away is a big step for this crew. Now can they continue some forward momentum with Bama or will they take a step back. A win Saturday and maybe 1 in the SEC tournament would allow us to go into the off-season with some hope for the future. Assuming we lose Dan, we still need to recruit well but at least we will have some positive forward momentum for the program.

Yep, we played defense for a full 40 minutes. Once we got rolling in second half we took Vandy’s momentum away.

Make no mistake, Vandy started the game off well and came to play, I seen another poster say this Vandy team was the worst team he’s ever seen in the SEC. I disagree I’ve watched them this year they are very competitive, almost upset Tennessee, they are just young and haven’t finished, and the SEC is absolutely brutal this year. There’s 0 easy wins in the conference this year.

You’re gonna have those people that want to discredit the win anyway that they can. Fair enough. But Vandy had everything to play for, Senior night at home, winless in the SEC. They aren’t devoid of talent. We almost won by forty lol

Vanderbilt may be the worst team I have seen since we joined the SEC. Bryce Drew will get them going. This is his 3rd year at Vandy, and he is a good coach. The Commodores were inept tonight, however. They went almost half a game without a bucket. 20 minutes…yes 20 minutes. Is that even possible?

Gabe must have soaked his hands in Ivory liquid before the game. He had that soft touch tonight… Like an anvil of the purest iron. That is one of the things I admire about Reggie Chaney. He can’t shoot the 3, but he doesn’t. He knows it is not what he needs to do for the team or for himself. When he gets an open look on the perimeter he either passes or moves in closer. Chaney is a raw player with so much potential…you know he has to be frustrated playing behind Gabe or Adrio. I hope he stays so we can watch him develop.

As much as I think Reggie is the best option at the four, Mike smartly recognizes he is the best back-up for Daniel, so he has to ensure that Dan and Reggie are not racking up fouls at the same time. He seems to be coming along and seems to play within his skill set. I look forward to his future with the Hogs.