Finally a score in the softball game

After 5.5 scoreless innings and a 2.5 hour rain delay, Linnie Malkin cranked a 3-run bomb about 300 feet to center. Hogs 3, Ducks 0

And then Kacie Hoffmann yanked one out to right. 4-0 Hogs. We had one hit coming into the inning, now we have five, and nobody out. Oregon just changed pitchers.

That’s 105 homers for the season.

Awesome! Go Girls!!

And now Hannah McEwen with a two-run double. It’s 6-0, still batting in the sixth, and Oregon changed pitchers again because they will have to play an elimination game tonight.

If we get two more runs this inning, we run rule them. Just saying.

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Malkin comes up for the second time this inning, bases loaded. A hit ends the game. Anddddd…

She hit it about half the distance of her last at bat. 6-0 going to the seventh.

Faber got a two-run pinch homer in the 7th but Delce shut them down from there. 6-2 final.

Hogs play the survivor of tonight’s two games tomorrow at 1 p.m.


Don’t look now, but Washington is losing its winners bracket game in the Seattle regional. To Texass.

Could it be Hogs and Horns next weekend at Bogle?

Game over. Fallopians won. They have to win one of two tomorrow, just like us.

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Elimination game: Princeton scores two in the top of the first against Wichita, which changed pitchers in mid-inning. Shockers coming to bat now. Winner plays Oregon very late tonight.

I hope they are still playing after mid night.

Think Ms. Ellsworth might be thinking about that matchup? :grin:

When I saw the brackets come out, my first thought was we’d get our shot at revenge. But honestly, I saw enough of the Huskies in PV earlier this season.

Besides, eliminating the Horns is always satisfying. :+1:

Wichita got a two-run homer to tie it and it remains tied after 3, thanks to a great diving catch by the Princeton CF.

SEC scores:
Florida leading Georgia Tech 7-1 in the 5th, weather issues there too
Georgia leading UMBC 4-2
Auburn leading La-La 2-0
Minny leading the Aggies 6-2
Fullerton leading LSU 3-2
Grand Canyon leading Ole Miss 5-1

Earlier results:
Stanford shut out Bama 6-0 this afternoon in Tuscaloosa. I know Fred is disappointed.
Moo U beat Howard 6-3 in an elimination game
Kentucky upset Virginia Tech in a 1-0 game
Arizona beat Misery 2-0 at CoMo
OU held off TAM 3-2
Clemson beat Auburn 1-0
Tennessee beat Oregon State 3-0

Wow Tam almost beat okl

It was 3-0, then A&M hit a two-run homer to cut it to 3-2 but never seriously challenged after that.

A&M came back to beat Minny. OM has come back to tie up GCU. Florida won. Auburn still up 2-0

Princeton eliminated.

Shockers & Ducks to face off again.

Winner of that has to beat us twice tomorrow to knock is out.

Well since they have to play I hope there’s a weather delay after the first inning and they play 20 innings. Maybe that will tire them out.
I hope to see the horns next week in a super!
It would be nice to beat them.

Oregon won 8-1. Ducks at 1 pm

Maybe rally squirrel will make another appearance. :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as the hogs win I don’t care if it’s a squirrel, raccoon or a wild boar hog.

Maybe we’ll see a squirrel wrangler, too. Now THAT would be an impressive bare-handed grab!

Looks like one of the players caught it and made a hat of it.

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