Finally a night game for Ole Miss

6:30 kickoff for Ole Miss… it’s about time!! And it’s going to be Brrrrrrrrrrr cold, low of 22 for the night so it’ll probably be around 30 at game time I’m guessing… hope we send all our seniors off in Grand style and get bowl eligible at the same time


It’s hard to know how or if the cold will affect the games outcome. Either way, I wanted more night games early in the season when it was hot and the sun beat down. Now that it’s cold, I’d prefer an earlier kickoff. But we are owned by TV. If we’re not owned by TV, we’re at least rented out to it.

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You had the correct thought first Owned by TV! The big cash cows take the line light in the SEC and every other big conference! I sure would like to see our hogs beat Ole Miss.

The weather will not be as big a factor against Ole Miss because North Mississippi has about the same weather as Fayetteville. they’re used to cold weather this time of year,but I am glad we’re having a night game I think the atmosphere will be unbelievable.

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TV money is a two edged sword. For those of us that live a long way from Fayetteville we get to see every game on TV. Back in the day (yes I’m old) we’d either go to the game or listen to Bud, Paul or whoever the voice was then on the radio. TV games were few and far between. I love watching from my comfortable living room these days. But the dollars involved means games being played at odd hours. At least odd from the old days. Everything has a price.

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If KJ is healthy and our defense shows it can play like it did last Saturday along with Wagner back on the field I think the fans will be able to stay warm. Probably have Slusher back trying to redeem himself from his self inflicted benching I would think. I’ll bet Fortin will get plenty of reps this week after his weekend performance and hopefully MH has gathered himself up and looked past last week and is ready to contribute this Saturday. WPS

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Yes Sam said slusher was only suspended for one game last I heard. That should at least help out in the secondary a little more. I’m not sure what to expect on KJ I’ve heard different things on him so I guess we will find out of the week goes on.

The biggest problem with facing Ole Miss is they run a play every 20 seconds, the second fastest in the nation. We have not faced anybody that runs plays even close to that, that’s how Ole Miss makes those big plays they get you in a position where your defense is not set.

not so sure about that…the weather is different North of the tunnel much less north Mississippi (Memphis area)


Average high in Fayetteville in the winter is 51 low 31 average high Oxford is 54 low of 32 so it’s about the same. They will get three or four snows every year kind of like Fayetteville does

One of the alltime weather quits I’ve seen was OM at RRS in '98. It sleeted all day and the Rebs just packed it in. 34-0 final. That was the game where Senator Ears Tuberville went off in pregame about nothing stinks like a wet hog.

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LOL I remember that game that was a beat down I would love to see that again Saturday night

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My wife and son didn’t want any more to do with that afternoon than the Rebnecks did. I was in the WUD by myself for that one.

That was a nasty nasty day I remember watching it on TV.

I wasn’t thinking about it so much as what the teams are used to as much as I was wondering if cold hands, etc made the ball harder to catch. Plus, some people just handle cold better than others. But it was mostly just wondering out loud. I have no idea if the weather will be a factor at all unless it is also wet.

You should have been there…I was…Rain/sleet and temp in mid-30’s if I remember correctly. It was miserable.

And not wanting to get into a weather fight with you but the climate north of the tunnel is completely different than south of the tunnel

I can recall a number of games in Fville played in wintry conditions…sleet, snow…remember Baylor game played one year in a full blown snowstorm

I can’t ever remember seeing a winter weather game at Ole Miss

Just bc you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they don’t have several days like that every yr,I grew up in south Ms but have relatives close to Oxford and they get nasty weather I can assure you.
I just provided the daily ave temps in the winter to show you how close they are and they came from informational sites so they weren’t made up.

The average winter low in Fayetteville is about 10 degrees colder than that of Oxford according to my crack google research.

what I saw was F’ville was about 4-5 degrees colder in the highs and 3-4 degrees colder in the lows so not much difference… both cities have their share of nasty cold days.

No doubt on average F’ville is colder than either LR or Oxford. However, those aren’t the important factors. The better question is what have conditions been over the past several days. If it has been as chilly in Oxford as it has in Fayetteville, neither team has a “gotten used to it” advantage.

Fayetteville tonight