Finally - a legit update on Vin Ascolese

That name has just become a punch line to most here that recognize it, several years after his hyped signing with Arkansas, and subsequent vanishing act. But this article finally sheds some light on what really went on behind the scenes. … =jim_hauge

Thanks for posting that Wiz. Something tells me my cousin Vinnie is going to be a great lawyer. Maybe he’ll be the one who finally brings the NCAA to it’s knees.

Thanks for this story. Highly interesting. I knew some of that, but not all of the grandfather stuff.

He was always great to deal with during the time he was being recruited here.

Really, really wanted to be a Razorback.

Aloha Wiz,

Another great find! Mahalo.


Interesting piece, thanks for sharing on our board. Vinny would
have enjoyed the UofA. A good kid with a lot of heart, smart too.