Final West standings

Projected following this weekend:

Bama 8-0/12-0
Auburn 5-3/8-4
LSU 5-3/7-4 (lost one game due to hurricane warning)
A&M 4-4/8-4
Arkansas 4-4/8-4
Moo U 3-5/5-7
Old Mrs. 2-6/5-7

Even though LSU-A&M is in College Station, the Ags are in their usual November swoon, and missing Knight, and I think LSU will handle them. Bama-Auburn in Bryant-Denny, nuff said. And I think Fitzgerald will outscore Patterson in the Egg Bowl. And we outscore Misery.

Auburn wins the tiebreak with LSU; A&M wins the tiebreak with us. Not that it matters. At worst we tie for fifth with one of the Miss schools and beat both of them.

Notice that big chunk of eight-win teams if my projection is correct.

LSU’s overall record will be 7-4 since they lost a game due to the reschedule of the Florida game. Texas A & M is doing their patented late season slide we have been accustomed too.

You are correct; forgot about the reschedule. So scratch one from the eight-win list.