Final SEC West standings

Not sure how much the final standings will affect the bowl pecking order, but it’s possible for the Hogs to finish 3rd in the West.

If Hogs, Ole Miss, and LSU all win, we would finish 4-4, along with MSU and A&M…… and ahead of those 2, Auburn, and LSU in the West standings.

Of course, that would mean Ole Miss goes 10-2, 6-2…. so maybe I can be content with Hogs finishing 4th. :flushed:

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I want MSU to beat OM. Finishing 3rd with a 4-4 record doesn’t mean that much more to me than finishing 4th with a 4-4 record.


Third vs fourth doesn’t make that much difference, but it could mean a better bowl bid if the Humpers lose. That’s my main concern with the Egg Bowl. Otherwise a selective meteor strike works.

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