Final Play Last Night - Phil Elson

Glad to see Morris want to get the ball again and then come through for us all.

Tygart was first guy out to celebrate

Glad to see that
He’s still engaged
Wasn’t pouting

Seeing how everyone is getting redemption, maybe his is today
Or against OU


Great point about Tygart Doc……love seeing him engaged and excited.

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Well, if OM gets a two-run single in that situation Tygart gets the L. So that’s at least part self-interest.

No doubt. I’m thinking Riggio would still be throwing his helmet and bat….


Yep, I was as happy for Ty as was for Morris - that his last outing didnt lead to season’s end. He doesnt carry that into the off season.

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I’ve noticed that Tygart has been the first guy out of the dugout in about all these big post-season wins.

I just hope we can get him settled down. He’s been a confident pitcher all year, but his struggles lately have to be eating away at that. We’re going to need him in some capacity if we get past today. And we may even need some outs from him today if he can get them.