Final official visit list for this week (They're arriving)

Unless something unexpected pops up here’s who’s coming.

June 7-9:

RB Darwin Barlow- Newton, Texas

DL Carl Williams-Lufikn, Texas

DE Mataio Soli- Douglasville, (Ga.) Douglas County

RB Marcus Major Jr.- Oklahoma City Millwood

WR Shamar Nash- IMG Academy

DB Josh Foster- Newton, Texas

WR Trey Knox- Murfreesboro (Tenn.) Blackman

CB Bobby Wolfe- Houston Madison


RB A’Montae Spivey- Phenix City (Ala.) Central and his mother arrived today and will leave Saturday.

Solid group. Hopefully we can flip Nash during his visit

DB Josh Foster and RB Darwin Barlow.

WR Shamar Nash.

Mataio and Junior Soli.

RB Marcus Major. Jr.

DT Carl Williams.

CB Bobby Wolfe.

Last I heard Chase Hayden is hosting Marcus Major.

I really dislike you communicating with us by just throwing your Twitter feeds on here with no follow.
I personally have no idea who some of these people are based on their Twitter handles and thus half your information here today is totally meaningless.
I am sure it is easier to do that, like putting links in instead of putting the actually story on here, but easier is not always better and we kinda pay for better, not easier.
Just my own personal opinion.

Completely disagree.

I’d be willing to bet that at some point either RD or DD has posted a story on all of the guys who are visiting this weekend. RD has had these guys on the radio show. So unless you pay zero attention to previous articles or interviews, I guess you can say that the info today is meaningless.

I am not a twitter guy. I try to figure out who these kids are but adding a name to the tweet wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not everyone reads every story or post. Not doing research to see who a kid is that might be playing elsewhere down the road.

I’m not a Twitter guy either so I have the same problem. Reading the articles doesn’t mean you can figure out the Twitter handles. Maybe we’re the dinosaurs on here and in the minority but I def have the same problem figuring out who several of them are.

Sorry guys. Just added their names and in the future I’ll try and remember to do the same.

BTW, get on Twitter. LOL

I agree with Hurst. I follow recruiting some, but not enough to even have memorized that “John Smith” is an OL from Houston, or is a WR from Tulsa, much less what his twitter name is. I don’t do twitter either.

If they can remind us with every article that UofA is in Fayetteville, they can give us a little more info about who they are talking about.

Understand. Will do.

Sorry that I posted after you have posted above. Didn’t see it. And thank you!

I also suggest getting on Twitter.

It is so much easier to keep up with the world.

It’s like a newspaper with a bunch of tiny stories and different takes.

I don’t know what I would do without Twitter. I rely on it for instant news, opinions, funny jokes, sports info, political info, etc…mainly for news though.

Agree. I’m not the best when it comes to change, but it’s best to get outside of your comfort zone and try new things. I challenge some of the guys on the board to do that.